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It wasn't your fault, but it is your responsibility to heal

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Oh man, this healing stuff is not for the faint of heart.

I remember when I first read this somewhere, it was like getting punched in the gut… but after sitting with it the gravity, and the beauty, of this hit home.

What happened to you, what you went through, that wasn’t your fault.

That wasn’t destiny meant to teach you a lesson.

As the bumper sticker in Forrest Gump taught us, shit happens.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

I know.

I used to be an international human rights lawyer.

The cases we dealt with, the stories I heard in that court room, they’ve stayed with me for a life-time.

Sometimes I felt like I needed to run to the bathroom to throw up from the level of violence that was being discussed.

Working on the public defender side and on the prosecution side of the criminal justice system in the US,

Being a teacher in an area called the “ring of fire,” in the middle of the most dangerous gangs of the city,

Immigrating to a new country and experiencing discrimination,

Living daily around gang violence as a kid,

Being from a third-world country where your physical safety is a concern daily,

Murder, kidnappings, sensless violence, abuse…these are all things that I have experienced, or those very close to me have, and it makes no sense.

Shitty things happen to good, good people.

It sucks, and I’m sooooo sorry whatever happened to you happened to you.

Part of the human experience is we will all experience hardship of one sort or another, and what you went through may have been so hard, but you CAN heal.

Not only CAN you heal, but it’s the most important & transformational journey you could choose.

This journey will lead to more freedom, love, and authentic joy, than you’ve ever experienced before.

But, it is on the other side of healing.

It isn’t easy, healing feels foreign, your body & brain got used to years of responding to situations in order to protect you, but you can do hard things.

You deserve the healing.

You don’t have to do this alone.

I love you.

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