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A love note to myself on my bday 😘

A love note to myself on my bday- Carino, you’re 36 today, and on this birthday you are more aware, more open, more alive than you’ve...

Invisible Sculpture Sold for $18,500

Recently I read about an Italian sculptor who sold an invisible sculpture for $18,500. 💰‌ There are so many coaches, consultants,...

Airbnb is Logo Perfection, Here's Why

Airbnb’s logo is my FAVORITE log in the whole wide world, it is the definition of an Ikonic Logo. It’s basically logo perfection. Let’s...

High Ticket Branding = TRUST

As you know, our bread and butter is helping people who sell high ticket services & products...that’s anything in the multi-thousands to...

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Walk With Me On My Journey Towards Joy

Welcome to my blog, a place where I'll be sharing musings on life. This will be an eclectic grouping of subjects, including high ticket branding, feminine & masculine dynamics, healing from trauma, and in general sharing more about my path towards creating a life of joy for myself. 

Thank you for joining me on this adventure, and I hope that you also honor your journey and have the courage to create a life full of joy that lights your soul on fire. 

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