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Feminine and masculine energies in business…

Something that has come up quite a bit recently is the dance between the masculine and the feminine in our day-to-day work as business owners.

To create the most realized version of your business, both feminine & masculine energies are required.

The masculine is necessary to make sure that things get done in business, that we hold ourselves and our teams accountable, on top of metrics & tracking, and that the business moves ahead despite challenges or roadblocks. This is a more active energy that requires you to DO.

The feminine receptive state is necessary to make sure that our business is actually coming from a place of service. That we are listening, receptive, open to the changes that will undoubtedly be needed at some point. To make sure that we aren't so inflexible to changes in the market, client needs, new tech that our business withers from lack of flexibility and flow.

In business it's not one or the other.

Both energies are needed.

Charging, powerful, forward-moving, decisive energy...


Receptive, listening, flexible, open, connected, & loving energies.

Each type of energy is used more and less in certain aspects of our business.

For example, let's talk about sales.

Sales is such an amazing example of a necessary balance bw masculine & feminine energies.

The masculine energy is needed to provide certainty, direction, truth, integrity, a knowing on behalf of your prospect that you are to be trusted, and will do the right thing.

The feminine is also necessary as part of the sales process. Them knowing you hear them, you're not just trying to close them, you're FOR them…

How do you make sure there is a balance of both masculine and feminine in your business?

What kind of awareness do you bring in terms of feminine and masculine energies to each part of your business? Let me know on instagram @luzc.gonzalez

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