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Invisible Sculpture Sold for $18,500

Recently I read about an Italian sculptor who sold an invisible sculpture for $18,500. 💰‌

There are so many coaches, consultants, service providers, & small business owners who feel bad selling something for $500!

There is a way for you to have the confidence and the skillset to price your offer so that others feel like it’s a steal, you feel good about it, and the person on the other side feels good about it- saying, “Yes, absolutely, I’m in!”

Here are the 3 things you need to know:

  1. Have a knockout value-based offer 🔥

  • Don’t compete on price; compete on value. When you compete on value you can differentiate yourself.

  • Make sure that you get people results. You can have external results (make more money, get the massage) or internal results (feel better, make spiritual progress).

  • The total value of your offer should be 5-10X what you charge for your program.

  1. Have the right solution for the right market.

  • Know who you help & the solution they’re after.

  • The WHO you help should be someone you’re excited to work with that has the money to buy your high ticket offer.

  • You should be qualified, have experience, and know you can get them results.

  1. Get your internal game on point.

So many people have core wounds and stories from when they were little. They have thoughts like “money is evil,” “who do you think you are to charge this much?” or “you don’t want to be greedy.”

As we are in business📈, our brain 🧠 is in business. There are 3 parts of the brain:

  • The reptilian part (the base)

  • The limbic system

  • The neocortex (thinking part)

A lot of purchasing decisions don’t come from the thinking part of the brain, they come from the reptilian part/your subconscious. Selling also comes from this part of the brain, so if we want to be good at selling, we get to do some healing work around our subconscious beliefs.

We may need to heal our belief that it’s SAFE to ask for what you want. If you want to get to the core of your subconscious beliefs, try this exercise. Grab a pencil and paper 📄✏️ and finish the following sentences:

✍️People who charge a lot of money are…

✍️When I charge a lot of money I…

✍️I worry that if I charge a lot of money…

Those of you that try this exercise, let me know how it goes! ✨

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